About Us

About Us

Pale tea-coloured, transparent crystal… The story behind 4element began with aquamarine.


Marie Claire México, models wearing 4element earrings

I was in my early 20’s when I received one of the greatest gifts – a stunning aquamarine gemstone vintage ring set in yellow gold. It had been bought by my grandmother on one of her great trips. The unique, antique, eye-catching ring was handed to me by my grandfather. No matter what I wear and how I look, the ring always enhances an outfit and draws attention. At that time I became aware of the power of accessories and how important details are. We can wear the exact same dress, but how we accessorise it can create entirely different looks. Jewellery can add oomph to your wardrobe and give your style and personality. This is how I fell in love with jewellery and since then, statement pieces have been an elemental part of my life.


Girls night out, romantic dinners, small celebrations and big events like weddings or New Year’s Eve parties – there are plenty of occasions to dress up. Some of us like an armful of bangles while others prefer to load up on brooches. One day we want to go boho chic, another is all about punk… and let’s not forget about pearls. Having a jewellery wardrobe is a girl’s ultimate dream and I wanted to make that dream come true — not for myself but for all of us.


From vintage Chanel and Christian Dior to Miu Miu pieces fresh off the runway, my goal is to gather unique designer pieces in one place for all to share, with easy access and prompt delivery. 4element stocks authentic items and we ask our customers to take care of them as each item may be the last of its kind. Jewellery is all about adding joy to your look. You do not have to stress about limited choice, just focus on having fun. With 4element you can have it all!

Welcome to your jewellery box in the cloud.



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